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Drug addiction is a disease that destroys a person's life when gone untreated. Addiction not only affects the individual's health but strips away their self-worth and dignity. Substance abuse is extremely prevalent throughout the United States and the use, misuse and abuse of drugs and alcohol in Arkansas is no different than any other state. Alcohol and street drugs are a problem in Arkansas as well as legal prescription drug misuse.

Many drugs are smuggled into Arkansas for local consumption and for distribution. Methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana are just a few of the drugs that are smuggled into Arkansas and are drugs of choice by many drug users. Heroin, club drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs are also abused throughout the state of Arkansas.

Arkansas offers a wide range of treatments throughout the state providing comprehensive programs to help drug users overcome their addiction but there are many people still in need of treatment. Law enforcement in Arkansas works hard seizing illegal drugs that are smuggled into the state and keeping drug dealers off the streets.

Arkansas Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamines continue to be a problem in Arkansas due to locally produced meth as well as Mexican produced methamphetamine. Meth is an extremely dangerous illegal drug that's man-made and very powerful. This stimulant drug is associated with very serious physical problems when abused and is very addictive. Many young people as well as adults abuse methamphetamines because they're inexpensive, very powerful and very easy to come by.

Heroin Abuse & Recovery in Arkansas

Heroin is abused in Arkansas but the abuse of heroin is not nearly as high as it is in other states. Heroin doesn't appear to be a major threat in Arkansas like it is in some other surrounding states. Heroin is a man-made drug that is produced from the opium poppy plant and is associated with very serious and dangerous physical and mental effects. Hopefully the use of heroin continues to be a lesser threat in Arkansas because overdose rates in many other states are on the rise.

Arkansas Cocaine Addiction & Treatment

Cocaine is a serious problem throughout the state of Arkansas and is not only abused but responsible for a big portion of the violent crimes that take place in their state. Many of the serious crimes that take place in Arkansas are associated with the distribution and abuse of crack cocaine which is derived from powdered cocaine. Both forms of cocaine are extremely addictive and are unfortunately popular drugs to abuse by many people because it's inexpensive and the user experiences a high or rush as soon as they smoke it. People in all age groups abuse crack cocaine and there are many serious and dangerous health effects associated with abusing this powerful stimulant drug. It's impossible to keep cocaine completely off the streets but law enforcement in Arkansas do their best to keep cocaine and other drugs of abuse from being distributed throughout their state.

Club Drugs Throughout Arkansas

Club Drugs are becoming more popular in Arkansas and the demand for them is increasing. Club drug is a name given to a variety of drugs that are used by teens and young adults recreationally while partying, socializing in nightclubs, concerts or in some bars. Drugs that fall into this category are Ecstasy, GHB, Ketamine and LSD. Unfortunately these drugs are easy to come by in Arkansas as they are in many other states.

Ecstasy is the most abused club drug in Arkansas by their youth and as in other states, ecstasy is a worrisome drug that could threaten the health of young people in the future. Ecstasy is the slang term for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine or also referred to as MDMA. Ecstasy is a man-made stimulant drug that produces extreme enhanced feelings of alertness, perception changes and the user's sense of touch is greatly heightened. Because ecstasy users feel wide awake and the stimulant properties produce alertness and energy, young people can party all night long without feeling tired.

There are very serious bad effects when ecstasy is abused though. Some people don't experience these negative effects right away but many do. Many who abuse ecstasy experience muscle tension, they become nauseous, their vision becomes blurry, their heart rates increase and so does their blood pressure. Because of the tension that builds up many young ecstasy users chew on pacifiers to relieve tension and to stop clenching their teeth. To avoid the serious crash that eventually takes place, many people have to use the drug again which is referred to as "bumping". When ecstasy is combined with other drugs or alcohol the dangers increase and sadly death can occur.

Arkansas Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is a drug of choice by many people in Arkansas in all age groups. Mexican marijuana (cannabis) and domestically produced marijuana is widely available in Arkansas and locally grown marijuana is distributed to other states which include Mississippi and Texas.

The laws in Arkansas are very strict when it comes to possession of marijuana. Less than one ounce of marijuana in a person's possession is considered a misdemeanor and punishable with up to a year in jail and up to a thousand dollar fine. If there's a second offense it's considered a felony and the individual can be incarcerated for up to 6 years. If there is a 3rd offense of possession of marijuana it carries a mandatory minimum of 3 years with a maximum of 10 years.

Arkansas Division of Behavioral Health Services work hard at promoting the prevention of drug abuse throughout their state. OADAP is Arkansas Office of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and they promote safe and healthy lifestyles that are free of the abuse of tobacco, alcohol, illegal and legal drugs.

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