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Alcohol Treatment And Support Program

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About Alcohol Treatment And Support Program

Are you or someone you know in need of Therapy due to alcohol dependency? We have been helping people overcome their dependency to alcohol for 14 years and have been extremely successful using compassion, understanding, patience, Individual Therapy and Group Therapy Support.

Twelve Step Group support is an essential part of treatment for many people working toward sobriety from alcoholism. In group therapy men and women share life stories, their dependency to alcohol and their fears and concerns associated with abstinence and sobriety. Supporting each other also helps to strengthen their own desire to live a healthy happy life without the use of alcohol.

Individual Therapy addresses important issues that play a role in a person's dependency to alcohol as well as other areas in their life. Anxiety and depression are common during abstinence from alcohol use. Individual therapy sessions help the client find successful ways to handle situations that trigger their need to drink and positive ways to prevent them.

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