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The story of illicit drug use in Arkansas

The story of illicit drug use in the state of Arkansas is a tragic and deadly tale. It's a shame that due to the illicit drug use in Arkansas, there have been tragic reports of death, abuse, family neglect and emotional or physical damage. So many of the citizens of Arkansas have lost the potential to become great leaders of society because of their drug addiction problems. It not only affects the youth of Arkansas, but also the adults and seniors as well. There has been a steady rise in the number of drug abusers since 1996 in Arkansas. At one point, there were only and estimated 13,000,000 users; now drug abusers have been on a steady rise increasing to 20,400,000 since then that year. .

Addiction to drugs affect every aspect of society. Whether it is a parent who neglects their own children or maybe even a couple experiencing domestic violence, a family experiencing trouble with bills, rent or car payments will often neglect these responsibilities in order to purchase their drugs. Drug abuse can only make a bad situation worse.

It is so sad to say that according to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in Arkansas, there have been over 173,000 cases of illicit drug use in people over the age of 12. Unfortunately, it's very easy to obtain illicit drugs in the state. There is constant smuggling of Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Marijuana by tractor trailers mostly on Highway 40 in Arkansas. The largest drug bust reported in Arkansas has involved tractor trailers and also regular automobiles, although they have also seized drugs from airplanes and buses. These busts include over ten thousand pounds of marijuana and over hundreds of kilograms of cocaine.

Arkansas Addiction Problems

The most commonly abused drug in the state of Arkansas is Methamphetamine. Once only a problem mostly routed in the Southwest, Methamphetamine is now the primary drug of concern in Arkansas. They have found that people are actually cooking up the Methamphetamine themselves in their homes and then selling it to the public. Because of Arkansas rural landscape, it is easy to hide these meth labs. Also, the chemicals used to make Methamphetamine are easily and commonly found here. The criminals who run these meth labs easily acquire cases of Pseudoephedrine,which is the primary chemical used to make Methamphetamine. Thus making Methamphetamine the most highly addictive and easy to get drug in this state.

Crack cocaine is also a huge problem in the state of Arkansas. Not only is it a problem amongst drug abusers, but the trafficking of these drugs are primarily run by street gangs. Thus a problem not only for addiction, but violence in the inner cities of Arkansas as well. Because of the high rate of competition in selling this drug, the street gangs are moving their territories out of the inner cities and into more suburban and rural areas. This creates a higher availability of crack and cocaine throughout all of the state of Arkansas.Crack cocaine is one of the most inexpensive illicit drugs available, which makes it so popular. The most popular cities that distribute Crack Cocaine are Little Rock, Texarkana, El Dorado, Hot Springs and Dumas. The transportation of crack cocaine can be in both rock and powder form in multi kilogram forms.

The third most popular drug in Arkansas is Marijuana. Being that Arkansas climate is warm and has a long growing season makes it an ideal state for producing the drug domestically. Someone trying to grow marijuana can do so both indoors and outdoors. In the suburbs outdoor growing near a good local water source seems to be the habitat of choice used to grow marijuana. While in most inner cities and urban areas marijuana is usually grown indoors. Outdoor marijuana plantations in Arkansas will usually consist of fields of plants with more than 50 to 200 plants per plantation.

However, because of routine air surveillance in Arkansas, marijuana plantations are becoming more and more scattered. There are also laws in Arkansas stating that law enforcement can seize your assets if you are found cultivation this drug. Because of this people who grow marijuana must utilize land off their own properties such as hunting land, timberland or forest land. The DEA Fayetteville Resident Office has to have a very close working relationship with the U.S. Forestry Service because of the major Marijuana situation in Arkansas.

Another popular illicit drug in Arkansas is the "club drug" scene. Club drugs are most popular amongst teens and college-aged citizens. These drugs are passed around and sold illegally at clubs (raves), college hangouts and bars. The most popular club drug is MAMD, more commonly know by its street name, Ecstasy. Pseudoephedrine is also most popular amongst younger teens because of its availability in pharmacies. Another club drug of choice is often found in the form of LSD, which is commonly know as tabs available on small pieces of blotting paper or vials of liquid ingested by a dropper under the tongue. These drugs maintain their popularity because of their hallucinogenic effects.

The state of Arkansas has a huge battle on their hands in defeating the use of illicit drugs. These drugs have taken hold of a high percentage of the population in Arkansas not only in the inner cities, but in the suburbs as well. This drug problem affects everyone of all ages and racial backgrounds. Law enforcement officials are doing what they can to help stop the spread of illicit drug use, but as individuals we must educate each other on the dangers of these drugs as well. As you can see no one group or society is safe from these drugs as they are being made more easily available in every community in Arkansas every day.

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