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Cedar Oaks Youth Counseling Group

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About Cedar Oaks Youth Counseling Group

We realize that during adolescent and teenage years life can not only be difficult and challenging for your child but also for the parents as well. Young people are going through so many different changes in their life during this time and when problems arise, the whole family can be affected. During this stage in a child's life there are normal emotional changes taking place and developmental changes are taking place as well.

Sometimes it's hard for us as parents to realize that growing up today in many ways is much harder for our children then it used to be. Today it's a little more stressful and challenging when it comes to fitting in with peers, the divorce rate it much higher now and alcohol and drug use is much more common and available.

We provide adolescent counseling and therapy for young people to help them work through issues, deal with stress, build self-esteem and improve communication with their parents or caregivers so that they can set goals for their future and reach them. We all want our children to grow up and be happy healthy adults someday and sometimes problems and challenges take place that requires assistance from a professional counselor or therapist.

We can help you and your teenager work through issues and communicate better so that they can set goals and reach them in the future. We specialize in adolescent counseling and therapy and can help you and your teen no matter what the issues may be. Some of the areas we can help your teen with include:

  1. Behavioral Issues
  2. Problems in school
  3. ADHD
  4. Problems with friends
  5. Peer Pressure
  6. Self-Esteem Issues
  7. Depression, Anxiety or Anger Issues
  8. Struggling with divorce
  9. Family Issues
  10. Substance Use Issues
  11. Eating Disorder Problems

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