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About Intensive-Support Center

Meth abuse throughout the United States is still a major problem and thousands of adults and young adults are addicted to methamphetamines. Because meth is so addictive and changes the addict mentally, emotionally and physically the recovery process can be challenging. By the time a meth addict seeks treatment intensive counseling is needed because anxiety, depression and stress can be overwhelming.

Our licensed professional counselors work with each client intensively helping them in every area that's affecting their recovery. Many of our clients due to their meth addiction have lost their jobs, health, their relationships are destroyed, and their self-esteem is gone. Chronic meth use changes a person physically and this is very hard to deal with during recovery. Family counseling is also very important during the recovery process. Methamphetamine addiction doesn't just affect the user, it affects everyone in their life and during recovery everyone needs to heal. We are here to help you during this stressful time in your life so pick up the phone and give us a call.

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