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About Pleasant Hill Recovery Program

Are you ready to confront your addiction head on so that you can finally receive the help you truly need to stop drinking or using drugs in order to function throughout the day? Many people are living with addiction every day because of the overwhelming powerful hold their dependency has on them. They're unable to start their day unless they're able to take a drink, smoke a joint, or use a substance so that they can even begin to function.

People who have an addiction to alcohol or drugs are unable to go very long without drinking or repeating their substance use because of the intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms they experience if they don't. That's where we can help. We provide safe detoxification for people suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction in our detox and recovery rehab facility. Medications are administered by our qualified physicians so that our client's detoxification process can be comfortable and safe at all times.

Our client's also receive pharmacotherapy, counseling and support so they're able to achieve sobriety and continue to maintain their abstinence in the future. We provide inpatient medically supervised detoxification and intensive outpatient counseling and therapy so our clients can learn how to manage their recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism after detox is completed. We believe detoxification is just the first step toward recovery, detox is an important step but without the second phase which includes education, guidance and support it's impossible to remain clean and sober for most people.


Our medication assisted treatment (MAT) program includes medications for treating clients suffering from alcohol dependence and opioid dependence. Naltrexone (Vivitrol) is a medication that helps people recovering from alcohol dependence and Buprenorphine (Suboxone) is an effective medication for treating people suffering from opiate addiction.

Behavioral Addiction Therapy

Once the detoxification process is completed our clients receive intense behavioral therapy so they can begin to understand their addiction and recognize areas of their life that need to be changed and modified. In-depth changes need to take place in a person's life in order to successfully recover from addiction and manage recovery. Our experienced professional therapists work with our client's individually helping them to make the important changes that are necessary in their life and develop positive ways of dealing with stress, emotions and substance abuse triggers.

We realize that in the beginning of recovery from substance abuse and addiction it seems extremely overwhelming to our clients when they realize they have to make various changes in their life in order to remain clean and sober. Once a person recognizes why their life became so destructive and toxic and how their alcohol or drug use continued to destroy their happiness, health and well-being, making positive changes isn't so overwhelming. No one wants to be miserable, sick and unhappy and that's what substance abuse leads to. Making positive changes in our life that doesn't include drinking or using drugs gets easier as time goes on because YOU'RE in control now, and that's a wonderful feeling.

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