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About Recovery Care Suboxone Outpatient Clinic

Prescription drug abuse is very widespread throughout the United States affecting young people and adults. We know how hard it is to overcome addiction to pain killers and we know how important effective treatment is to the patient. Our trained professional staff of physicians, therapists and addiction counselors can help you overcome prescription pain pill dependency with our Suboxone treatment inpatient detoxification program.

When suboxone treatment is administered during detoxification it relieves the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms the patient experiences and reduces the cravings that are associated with addiction. The patient's detoxification process is overseen by physicians making sure the patient is safe and comfortable. Suboxone is carefully monitored throughout the treatment process and the patient is carefully weaned at the appropriate time depending on the patient's needs.

Outpatient individualized behavioral therapy and 12 Step group therapies are part of our prescription drug addiction treatment program. Individual treatment therapy is based on evaluations made when the patient enters into our suboxone treatment program. We understand the patient's fears and needs when recovering from addiction and you don't have to go through it alone. Our caring and compassionate staff is here to help you too.

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