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Shady Pines Heroin Recovery

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About Shady Pines Heroin Recovery

Heroin use is rising again in many areas throughout the United States. There is no specific age group that heroin affects and there are young people and adults using heroin today in need of help. Even though many heroin addicts eventually seek help for their addiction, there are thousands of people still in need of treatment for this powerful and destructive illness.

We have been treating people for heroin and other chemical addictions in our Residential Treatment Facility for over 18 years. We understand how hopeless and helpless a person feels when they enter into any treatment program. It's important to have a serene atmosphere, safe detoxification program, warm and compassionate staff, comprehensive individualized treatment programs, relapse prevention skills, and aftercare programs for our clients. This isn't an easy adjustment for our client's during this time but we can help make them comfortable and their recovery successful.

Our licensed professional staff of physicians, therapists and addiction counselors can help you or someone you love get the help so desperately needed to embrace life again and be free from addiction.

Call us @ (251) 589-7828 or Toll-Free 1-888-565-6401

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