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Youth Center For Teen Counseling

Oneida County - Rome, New York 13440 - (315) 371-4777

About Youth Center For Teen Counseling

Our staff specializes in treating adolescents and teens 13 to 18 years old by providing them Individual Counseling for a variety of issues including substance abuse. There are many reasons young people experiment with drugs and when left untreated the risks and consequences are serious. Our experienced staff of therapists can help young people understand the dangers associated with substance abuse and drug addiction in order for them to make healthy positive choices in their future.

A full psychological and emotional assessment is done when an adolescent or teen enters into our counseling program. Depression, ADHD and abuse are some of the underlying issues that may be related to drug use and it's important that these areas be diagnosed, addressed and treated.

Behavioral therapy is effective for understanding and changing unhealthy behaviors, thinking and choices. Through therapy young people are able to set healthy goals and develop the skills needed to achieve them. Adolescents and teens learn how to deal with peer pressure and their need to fit in. As issues are addressed in areas that are problematic the young person is able to develop higher self-esteem and feel better about them self.

Family therapy is necessary during this time because communication suffers between the parents or caregiver and child when there is substance abuse and addiction involved. This is a time for the whole family to heal from the effects of drug addiction and develop healthy and helpful communication between everyone involved.

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