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About Alcohol & Drug Addiction El Monte

Addiction affects every area of the user's life. Relationships are greatly affected when a member of the family is dependent on drugs or alcohol. This disease breaks down the family unit and destroys relationships. Not only is the addict in need of healing and recovery, the whole family is in need of treatment. We understand just how difficult life can be for everyone involved and we are here to help mend wounds created from the disease of addiction and dependency.

A survey that was done in 2009 shows that substance abuse is the highest it's been in 8 years, this isn't a limited disease, substance and alcohol dependency is very prevalent throughout the United States and people are in need of help and healing. It's hard for families to reach out for help and we understand that, family counseling can make a difference though. We have helped hundreds of families struggling with stress and problems caused from dependency and addiction.

Individual counseling for each member of the family is important because feelings need to be validated. Family therapy is also included, after individual sessions it's very beneficial and healing for each member of the family to work through feelings and learn positive communication skills. Addiction is a serious disease and affects the family even after recovery unless voices can be heard and healthy and loving communication can be restored.

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