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Bassett Rehab for Opiate Recovery

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About Bassett Rehab for Opiate Recovery

Depending on the client's needs, long and short term opiate detoxification and treatment are provided in our residential addiction recovery program. We help men and woman stop using heroin, prescription pain pills, and other opiate drugs so they can heal and learn to manage their recovery and begin to live again. When a person is dependent on prescription narcotics like painkillers or a drug like heroin, they stop living and become consumed with the drug and by the time they receive treatment, they don't even know who they are anymore. It takes time, patience, support and personalized treatment for a person to effectively stop using opiate drugs and learn to cope and manage their recovery.

Everyone's path to recovery from opiate addiction is different. Some people are in need of intense therapy to overcome their dependence to narcotic pain pills or other prescription opiate drugs. Heroin addiction requires extensive therapy and long term treatment most of the time due to the emotional and physical problems that are experienced due to the use of the drug. Our clients are men and women in need of treatment, help and support in order to stop abusing heroin or prescription drugs so they can recover and rebuild their lives.

Each client receives a full assessment which helps us to determine their needs during detoxification and helps us to individualize their recovery program. A wide range of evidence based programs are utilized during our clients opiate recovery treatment which begins with medically supervised detoxification overseen by our professional medical staff. Our treatment and recovery staff includes compassionate and understanding physicians, addiction specialists and counselors who are devoted to our client's successful recovery and provide the tools they need to rebuild their lives.

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