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About Birch Addiction Intervention

Do you know someone that's using drugs or alcohol and they're in need of help but they're not ready on their own yet? This is more common than you may think.

Our licensed Professional Interventionists have been helping addicts and their families get the treatment and help needed to restore their life and help the families at the same time. A planned intervention with family and friends ahead of time to work out details and a positive strategy can help the individual realize their need for treatment. A successful intervention is done in a non-confrontational and supportive way.

Denial is a part of addiction and it's very hard for a person to come to terms with their dependency to drugs or alcohol. They may know they have a problem but they don't realize how destructive their behaviors have become. This is a delicate situation and when a family attempts to intervene on their own many times the alcoholic or drug user becomes defensive immediately. We understand the defense mechanisms addicts use when they're confronted and we're prepared ahead of time with successful strategies if needed.

If you or someone you know has a loved one or friend that's using drugs or alcohol and they're in need of help, give us a call. The earlier a professional intervention takes place, the more successful they can be. It's hard enough for everyone involved when a loved one or friend has a problem with drugs or alcohol. For 12 years we have been helping family and friends find recovery for their loved ones and we want to help you too.

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