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Bright Haven Center for Teen Counseling

Sebastian County - Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901 - (479) 668-0809

About Bright Haven Center for Teen Counseling

Addiction can take form in many areas of our life and unfortunately when it does, the consequences can be devastating. When an adolescent or teenager feels pressured among their peers to experiment with nicotine, drugs or alcohol some young people are unable to say 'no' for fear of rejection or ridicule. Peer pressure is a very important issue that many young people are confronted with daily and sometimes when lacking the self-esteem or skills needed; it's easy to give in.

Today it's even harder for young people because smoking, getting high and drinking are so prevalent and peer pressure has a huge influence in a young person's life. Whether your teen has already made poor choices due to peer pressure or you want your child to build confidence and self-esteem, we can help. We help teens and young people recognize harmful peer pressure and help them to develop the confidence and skills needed to make good choices and combat the pressures of needing to fit in.

Peer pressure is just one of the issues young people struggle with. Other areas we offer counseling and therapy for include depression, self-esteem, body image, and improving communication skills within the family.

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