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Brookview Crystal Meth Treatment Center

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About Brookview Crystal Meth Treatment Center

Crystal meth addiction is very serious and we believe individual's that are chronically addicted to methamphetamine are in need of intensive residential treatment with around the clock care. Because crystal meth is such a powerful drug people who become addicted due to frequent or chronic use are unable to control their impulsive drug seeking behaviors and without treatment individual's risk serious health problems and possible irreversible damage to their brain.

Our Intensive Inpatient Crystal Meth Treatment Program provides our clients with the necessary atmosphere, medical staff, therapists and programs to help them understand their addiction to crystal meth and the tools they need to recover. Because it's so common for relapse to occur when a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, we focus on relapse prevention throughout our course of treatment.

Treatment for crystal meth includes the following and each patient's treatment is designed to meet their own unique needs.

  1. Detoxification
  2. Individual Assessments
  3. Periodic Follow-Up Assessments and adjustments to treatment when necessary
  4. Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  5. Comprehensive Individualized Treatment Plans that are designed based on assessment findings
  6. Pharmacotherapy
  7. Behavioral Therapy
  8. Preventing Relapse Education
  9. Individual, Group and Family Counseling

Recovering from crystal meth addiction can be extremely challenging for our clients and we make sure the best and most effective treatment is provided so they can work toward recovery and maintain abstinence when they return to their homes.

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