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Carlton Facility for Addictions

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About Carlton Facility for Addictions

At Carlton addiction rehab center, we provide the highest quality inpatient and outpatient treatment and support for a wide range of addictions that affect the health and well-being of adult men and women today. There are many different types of addiction and we make use of a wide range of comprehensive treatments in order to meet the client's dependence needs.

Outpatient Gambling and Shopping Therapy: Treating compulsive gambling and shopping addiction is much more effective when providing individual therapy and support along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Our therapists are skilled in addiction and understand the emotional and financial effects men and women suffer from when addicted to gambling and spending. Because there is almost always underlying issues our therapists work with client's to recognize these problems, address them and develop healthy and successful ways to manage their recovery.

Street drugs, prescription drugs and over the counter drugs are highly abused today and most people are unable to stop using on their own. Our residential treatment facility provides the serene atmosphere, dedicated staff, and intensive recovery programs to help you overcome substance abuse and drug addiction. Treatment is provided to each client on an individual basis in order to meet their needs. Clients recover at their own pace and an adjustment in treatment is made as our client's needs change. If you're in need of help for drug addiction, substance abuse, alcoholism, compulsive gambling, or shopping addiction, we can provide the treatment you need for long term freedom.

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