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Carlyle Womens Alcohol Center

Garland County - Hot Springs, Arkansas 71913 - (501) 205-1766

About Carlyle Womens Alcohol Center

Overcoming dependency to drugs or alcohol isn't easy and we understand the anxiety and apprehension women go through when they seek help for their addiction. We offer our clients a serene and warm Inpatient atmosphere as well as comprehensive treatment programs to help them not only understand their dependency but how to manage their symptoms, make better choices, and heal their mind, body and spirit.

Overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol isn't easy. Most women who come into our treatment facility have low self-esteem, are depressed and feel overwhelmed and powerless. Our comforting and healing atmosphere, individualized treatment programs, addiction education and mindful meditation practices help women heal from the pains of addiction.

Full complete individual assessments are done at the time of admission and individualized treatment programs are designed according to the evaluation results. It's important to address all areas including mental health disorders like depression, anxiety and bipolar if necessary. Through years of experience we have learned that when the mind, body, and spirit are balanced and healthy, long term recovery can be successful. Our professional licensed staff is passionate about helping women overcome their dependency to drugs and alcohol and they want to help you too.

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