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About Carolton Center Detox & Recovery

The abuse of alcohol and drugs continues to increase among young people and adults and many times both substances are abused at the same time. Today more and more college students are binge drinking and sometimes using prescription stimulants as well. Some young people are experimenting with alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs or street drugs recreationally and are now suffering from dependence and emotional issues because of it.

Alcohol and substance abuse also takes place among older adults as well and today the misuse of prescription drugs and abuse of alcohol is affecting many people including their jobs and families. When our clients come to us for help we understand their fears and apprehension when it comes to detoxification from alcohol or other substances. We make sure our clients receive not only the guidance and support they need during this time but medications if needed to reduce cravings and decrease the symptoms of withdrawal.

Carolton is an outpatient detox and recovery center with a staff of professional and licensed clinicians and counselors who are dedicated to our client's and help them reach their goals for a successful recovery. We provide our clients with individualized treatment and include 12 Step support, counseling and therapy to help them successfully reach and maintain their recovery goals. Let your alcohol or drug addiction recovery start with people who understand what you're going through and can help you reach your goals, just give us a call.

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