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CenterLine Addiction Outpatient Center

Jefferson County - Bessemer, Alabama 35020 - (205) 417-2555

About CenterLine Addiction Outpatient Center

We can help you understand chemical dependency, understand what it takes to maintain abstinence, and understand what it takes to manage your recovery from the use of substances like drugs and alcohol. Our licensed trained addiction professionals have helped hundreds of adult men and women stop their addictive behaviors and find a new lease on life and they're waiting to help you.

Not everyone suffers from chronic addiction and our Outpatient Treatment Program is designed for individuals with less severe dependency issues. We provide the necessary help and treatment for our clients but they are able to maintain their normal daily routine and obligations. Our clients are able to maintain their employment and stay in their own homes.

Our treatment programs include a 12 Step Program, Group Therapy, Relapse Prevention Skills, and Individual Therapy to help our clients recognize triggers that could affect their abstinence and problem solving skills to avoid relapse. Individual therapy helps our clients address problem areas of their life including their dependency issues. Together we find positive ways to handle stress which strengthens our client's recovery.

Call us @ (205) 417-2555 or Toll-Free 1-888-565-6401

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