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Cheshire Center for Chemical Dependency

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About Cheshire Center for Chemical Dependency

We provide comprehensive individualized treatment for people that are dependent on drugs or alcohol by providing them high quality care in our outpatient substance abuse facility. Addiction is a complex illness that requires individualized treatment because no two people are the same nor is their addiction. Full evaluations help us to determine if outpatient treatment will be effective enough to help our clients maintain sobriety and successfully manage their recovery. Sometimes inpatient treatment is necessary for more chronic dependence and together we help the client find placement in an effective residential treatment program if that best fits their needs.

Our clients receive one on one behavioral therapy to help them recognize unhealthy feelings, habits and behaviors and develop positive changes that will improve their quality of life. Our clients learn to understand where their unhealthy thinking and behaviors have led them to make poor choices like abusing drugs or alcohol and develop positive strategies to improve them.

Cheshire Center Substance Abuse Services

  1. Outpatient Individualized Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  2. Full Individual Evaluations
  3. Detoxification (Medication Assisted)
  4. Individual Behavioral Therapy
  5. Group Behavioral Therapy

Taking the first step toward recovery isn't always an easy thing to do but at CCCD, we can help you make changes in your life and understand your addiction so you can work toward an emotionally healthy recovery. Our professional staff realizes the challenges a person faces when they stop using drugs or alcohol and admires anyone working toward recovery. Through compassion and dedication we help our clients achieve their recovery goals and improve their emotional well-being.

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