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Combating Substance Abuse

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About Combating Substance Abuse

Our outpatient substance abuse counseling program is designed to help young people struggling with dependency to substances that are controlling their lives. Addiction is a disease that robs the individual's ability to stop using without help and support. Changing behaviors and the way we think about ourselves, drugs, alcohol and addiction can help the young person think differently and react in a healthier way. It's important that a person becomes aware of the situations that trigger their use of drugs and other substances in order to prevent relapse in the future. Our counseling programs offer our young clients individual and group counseling, behavioral strategies are designed individually for each client. We have morning, afternoon and evening sessions which helps our clients maintain abstinence during their recovery.

Unfortunately today there are many young people dependent on drugs or alcohol and they're in need of help and support. Getting to the core of the addiction can free our young clients from their substance use so they are able to live a drug free life.

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