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About Family Cocaine Addiction Recovery Institute

Cocaine is an extremely powerful stimulant and there are more people today than ever seeking treatment for cocaine addiction. Crack cocaine is very addictive and is used by people of all ages, once tolerance takes place crack is very hard to stop without help. That's what we are here to do, help those in need of treatment for cocaine dependency so they can have a successful and safe recovery.

There are a lot of people who are not only dependent on crack cocaine but other substances as well. Our treatment program is designed to address all substance use issues as well as the emotional, physical, and social aspects of the clients drug use. A full evaluation is done before cocaine treatment is approached. Family counseling and therapy are part of our treatment and recovery program. Everyone suffers from the effects of addiction and the family needs to heal as well.

Detoxification is a necessary for most people because the client needs to be physically free from the effects of cocaine and other substances. Safe and supportive detox is provided keeping the client comfortable during this time. Recovery from cocaine abuse can't be approached until the detoxification program is finished.

For more habitual or chronic addiction and polydrug users sometimes long term treatment is needed for the client. A more intense treatment program is offered for anyone suffering from the long term effects of substance use.

Short term treatment is provided for those with less severe dependency to substances. If during the treatment process extended treatment or more intense treatment is necessary the client's treatment approach may be restructured.

Cocaine addiction is a treatable and manageable illness when all aspects are addressed. Don't wait another day; let us help you get your life back. Our staff is waiting to assist you throughout your recovery from cocaine dependency with an approach that's designed just for you.

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