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About Frost Intensive Addiction Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an essential and effective form of therapy for treating addiction of any kind. In our practice, we have found CBT to be very effective in treating eating disorders and substance abuse problems with successful recovery results. We have also found that many people struggling with food addictions or substance use problems also have mental health disorders that have never been diagnosed or treated. When an addiction occurs at the same time a mental health disorder is present, this is referred to as a Co-Occurring Disorder which needs to be treated in order for a person to successfully recovery from any addiction.

Depression and anxiety are part of addiction, these are symptoms a person experiences when they become dependent on a substance and they're unable to use but not considered a mental health disorder. Depression and anxiety are also part of the withdrawal symptoms a person experiences during their recovery from substance abuse but again, not considered a mental health disorder. They're just part of the symptoms associated with addiction.

Some people experience these symptoms throughout their life and they begin using food, alcohol or drugs to make themselves feel better and no matter how hard they try or how much help they seek, they're unable to successfully recover and experience repeated relapse. We specialize in diagnosing and treating mental health disorders as well as addiction and provide our clients with the therapies, knowledge, and the coping skills needed to change their behaviors and maintain sobriety from their addiction.

Binge eating is an eating disorder that many young and older adults struggle with every day in spite of their efforts to gain control. Through experience we have found that depression and anxiety play a major role in eating disorders and sometimes is actually the cause. Many of us find food comforting and whether we're sad, depressed, angry or bored we eat. For some people though, food becomes comfort for medicating emotional symptoms that are dealt with on a daily basis and they don't even realize it. Many people start medicating emotional symptoms in their early teens with food and begin binge eating which escalates as the years go by.

If you have struggled with an eating disorder, substance abuse problem and have struggled with depression and anxiety throughout your life, you may have a Co-Occurring disorder like major depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder and our team of professional therapist can help.

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