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About Fulton Family Addiction Therapy

Dependency to drugs or alcohol is a debilitating disease that affects the entire family. Problems associated with addiction not only affect the addict but everyone in their life is affected. Families become just as distraught and dysfunctional as the addict sometimes. We understand just how hard this is on everyone because some of our staff has been where you are now. There are many different forms of addiction. Alcohol and substance abuse are just a couple of the areas of addiction that affect the whole family. Gambling addiction, food addiction, sex addiction, and tobacco addiction also affect thousands of people and their families and our licensed professional therapists can help not only the individual in need of treatment but the whole family.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that's a very successful tool when treating addiction. We all think and act irrationally sometimes and our thinking isn't always positive but sometimes our illogical thinking and behavior patterns get out of control and affect our lives in very negative unhealthy ways. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps us to change our negative and unhealthy thinking and behavior patterns and develop positive thinking which enriches and improves our lives. Addictive behaviors take on a new meaning and understanding which makes them much easier to change.

We can help you and your loved ones heal from addictive behaviors and negative thinking with positive thoughts and behaviors.

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