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Garmin Therapy Problem Gambling Clinic

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About Garmin Therapy Problem Gambling Clinic

Millions of people around the world like to bet on horses, dabble in sports betting or visit their local casinos for recreational purposes and are able to control their gambling behavior and enjoy themselves periodically. Not everyone can do that though, compulsive gamblers are unable to control their urge to continue gambling even when their behavior is affecting their life. Many people who are unable to control their gambling behavior have lost their homes, their relationships have suffered and some have even lost their jobs due to gambling problems.

About US

Our clients are men and women who are unable to control their compulsive gambling behavior and are in need of help and support in order to stop and get their lives back under control. Treating gambling addiction can be very difficult because most of the time a person is in denial and are unable to recognize that they have a problem even though their life may be falling apart. Not everyone seeks compulsive gambling treatment on their own, sometimes family members, employers and even friends are part of the reason a person reluctantly looks for help.

We help our clients realize their gambling behavior is unhealthy so that they're able to see and admit they have a problem in order for treatment to be successful. Our clients receive a thorough physical and psychological evaluation to determine the extent of their gambling addiction so that we can provide them with the help they individually need. We utilize psychological treatment which includes cognitive behavioral therapy to help our clients recognize their irrational and unhealthy thoughts and develop healthy ways of thinking instead.

Gambling Addiction Medications

Sometimes medications are needed such as mood stabilizers or antidepressants because depression is common among compulsive gamblers and some medications are effective for decreasing a person's gambling urge.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA)

We urge our clients to participate in Gamblers Anonymous in their local area so they're able to connect with others that have a gambling problem and who share the same desire to stop and regain control of their lives. We need as much healthy support as we can get when we're trying to change negative unhealthy behaviors which is what a person receives when they attend Gamblers Anonymous group meetings. Men and women help each other by supporting one another as they work on their recovery and remain abstinent.

Our Staff

Our compulsive gambling treatment program is an outpatient center staffed with experienced professional licensed therapists skilled in gambling addiction. We understand the difficulties a person faces when they're learning to change unhealthy thoughts and behaviors associated with problem gambling. Let us help you or someone you care about understand compulsive gambling and together we can work through; problems unhealthy gambling behaviors have caused, replace unhealthy thoughts and beliefs with healthy ones, and gain positive control back into your life.

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