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About Harmony Detox And Drug Rehab Center

We find recovery from drug addiction to be successful when providing Residential Treatment, professional care, a serene and calm environment, comprehensive treatment programs, individualized therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, and problem solving education. Many people don't understand how their family member or friend could become addicted to drugs, but we do. Some people feel it's a matter of willpower and the addict should be able to stop if they want to bad enough.

This isn't so; addiction is a chronic disease that causes tolerance, dependency and compulsive drug behavior consuming the individual with thoughts and cravings no matter how much they may want to stop. We understand addiction and what it takes to achieve abstinence and maintain a drug free life. With a complete mental and physical evaluation critical areas in need of treatment are diagnosed and addressed in order to treat every aspect of the client's life.

Medication assisted detoxification relieves withdrawal symptoms and makes the client more comfortable during this process. Treatment programs are structured to meet the client's needs based on the results of the complete assessment. Our programs for treatment are based on the 12 steps and group therapy allows our clients to connect with others, learn from each other and help one another with their sobriety. Individualized therapy and treatment addresses problems associated with drug addiction, relapse and changing behaviors.

Recovering from drug addiction isn't easy but it is possible, people successfully achieve sobriety and recovery every day. With the right treatment approach, a compassionate and understanding staff, dedication and the willingness to try, you too can regain control and recover from drug addiction.

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