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Hawthorne Counseling Team

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About Hawthorne Counseling Team

Many adolescents and teens need help coping with problems associated with school like performance or peer pressure. Some young people have problems in their homes and are unable to communicate well with their parents. Other issues adolescents and teens struggle with include low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders or substance abuse.

Our counselors specialize in adolescent and teen therapy, we understand the changes that are taking place as they move from childhood and are becoming young adults. Boundaries at home and in school begin to get pushed and challenged. This is a time when some young people begin to act out and develop behavior problems.

We understand how stressful this is on parents as well as their children and we are here to help. Communication between parents and young people can break down during the teenage years and it's important not to let that happen because when it does everyone suffers. Our counselors can help your adolescent or teen work through issues that need to be addressed, increase their self-esteem, improve their communication skill with parents, and identify areas in their life that is causing them stress.

Many young people develop eating disorders during the teenage years, experiment with drugs or alcohol, or develop other unhealthy behaviors. We work closely with both teens and their parents or caregivers developing healthy communication between them. We can help your adolescent or teen navigate through their teen years and work through problems, develop positive coping skills, and improve their overall well-being.

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