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Henkel Adult Dependence Therapy

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About Henkel Adult Dependence Therapy

Millions of people suffer from addiction in some form or another and the effects can consume and destroy your life. The rate of substance abuse among teens, young and older adults is extraordinarily high and the destruction it causes is devastating. Drug and alcohol abuse isn't the only area a person can become dependent, tobacco, gambling, food, gaming, and shopping are all serious addictions as well. Necessary changes need to take place in a person's life in order to stop repeating harmful and destructive behaviors.

Counseling and therapy are a very big part of treatment for addiction because you can't change something you don't understand or even recognize. We provide individual and group therapy for a variety of dependence issues and work with our clients to help them understand their addiction and make changes in their life that will help them overcome it.

We help our clients recognize unhealthy thinking and behavior patterns that have led to their dependence and help them develop skills for positive change. This is done through the use of Cognitive Behavior Therapy which is utilized in both individual and group sessions. Negative and unhealthy thoughts, habits and behaviors can be modified once they're recognized and we help our clients develop the skills they need to make changes in their life that will impact their future in a positive way. Let your road to recovery start with us.

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