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JD Berry Counseling

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About JD Berry Counseling

If Gambling has become a problem in your life we're here to help. Many people have lost everything near and dear to them because of their compulsive gambling behavior that they're not able to control. Compulsive gamblers have lost their homes, jobs, life savings and their relationships have fallen apart because they are unable to control their gambling.

I have helped many men and women get their lives back and stop their unhealthy and damaging gambling behavior. With Behavior Therapy you can change the way you look at gambling and together we will find helpful strategies that will make life much easier for you. It's very common for there to be other areas in your life that need to be addressed which have led to your gambling behavior. Together we can find solutions and answers to problems that will make unhealthy behaviors much easier to change. Compulsive gambling affects your health after a while due to depression, worry and possibly relationship problems. Together we can relieve some of that stress and find helpful solutions to your gambling problems.

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