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LifeChanges for Dependency

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About LifeChanges for Dependency

We have been helping men and women for over 18 years overcome their addiction to heroin, cocaine, alcohol and other drugs of abuse. It takes much more than willpower to recover from the effects of addiction and our comprehensive treatment offers our residents the knowledge and tools they need to reach sobriety and live a substance free life.

Our treatment facility for substance abuse offers short term residential rehab and outpatient treatment for those seeking recovery. We utilize 12 Step-based therapy that helps our clients maintain their abstinence from the use of drugs or alcohol and helps them understand and come to terms with their addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps our clients change destructive thinking and behaviors and develop positive thoughts and strategies to lead a substance free and happy life.

Addiction is a serious disease that continues to get worse and the negative consequences continue to develop without help and intervention. Individuals risk permanent serious damage to their health as their addiction becomes more chronic. If you're seeking outpatient treatment or short term inpatient substance abuse treatment to overcome your dependence to drugs or alcohol, pick up the phone and call us and take your first step towards freedom.

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