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About Pine Hill Intervention

It's extremely difficult watching a friend or loved one live with an addiction to drugs or alcohol and nothing you say or do makes a difference. Feelings of helplessness, sadness and sometimes frustration and anger are too much to bear. Getting them into a treatment program is next to impossible because they're in denial and don't feel they need treatment for their addiction.

There is something that can be done for a friend or loved one who is in desperate need of treatment for their substance use. A professional intervention is very successful in getting someone to see their need for treatment and finding the right treatment that meets their particular needs. At Pine Hill Intervention our experienced interventionists understand just how delicate this issue is and knows how to talk to someone suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Sometimes the loved one or friend is suffering from both alcohol and drug use.

Interventions are done in a caring loving manor and not in a demanding demeaning way because addiction is a relapsing compulsive disease and the loved one or friend already feels broken inside. Let us help you, and your loved one or friend see the need for treatment and find the best treatment program that fits their individual needs.

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