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Richmond Alcohol & Gambling Center

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About Richmond Alcohol & Gambling Center

We provide counseling for men and women who have found themselves unable to control their gambling behaviors even though their lives have been greatly affected by their addiction. Sometimes people don't realize how severe their compulsive gambling behavior is until their lives begin to fall apart or they try to stop gambling on their own. Some people not only financially suffer from compulsive gambling but lose their families or loved ones as a result.

Our counselors understand gambling addiction, the denial that most pathologic gamblers go through, and the loss of control that a problem gambler feels. Sometimes gambling isn't the only problem, it's not uncommon for a person to have a drinking problem at the same time. Our counselors are dedicated to helping men and women change their lives around and find the support they need in the process. Most of the time there are issues that need to be addressed that has led to a person's problem gambling behavior and possible drinking problem. It's important for a person to take responsibility for their choices and actions but we first have to understand them.

We recommend our clients to attend Gamblers Anonymous meetings as often as possible or Alcoholics Anonymous if a drinking problem is evident. When our clients combine 12 Step group support and one-on-one counseling with a qualified addiction therapist they're able to stop gambling, stop drinking if alcohol is also a problem, and attain a normal happy life. Recovery takes time and alcoholism and gambling addiction can never be cured but with dedication, guidance, and healthy support compulsive gambling and problem drinking can be successfully managed and you can begin to heal.

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