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Shrews Counseling and Therapy Center

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About Shrews Counseling and Therapy Center

It takes much more than just willpower to recover from addiction because it's a chronic relapsing disease. Without addressing important factors that surround a person's addiction and negative behaviors, sobriety can be hard to maintain on a daily basis. Through experience, we have found that certain areas need to be addressed in order for a person to achieve long term abstinence and sobriety. These crucial areas include; understanding addiction, recognizing personal triggers that can affect abstinence and recovery, and developing positive strategies and skills pertaining to stress and anxiety.

We have a professional staff of licensed therapist's that specialize in addiction and work with our clients individually developing positive and helpful; coping skills, strategies that are helpful surrounding situations and feelings that can trigger drug or alcohol use, and changing negative thinking and behavior patterns.

We also understand the affect addiction and substance abuse has on the family unit, we work with everyone involved to ensure positive communication skills are established which helps mend and heal relationships. There is life after addiction and when given the right tools during the recovery process long term sobriety can be achieved.

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