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About Substance Use Treatment Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction is very widespread and not only affects the user but the whole family unit. Addiction is a chronic relapsing disease and without treatment will destroy your life and relationships forever. Our Residential Long Term and Short Term Treatment Programs are designed to help individuals in need of therapy, guidance and support during their recovery from drug addiction and alcohol dependency.

Complete assessments determine the best treatment needed to meet the individual's specific addiction needs. Even though addiction is a disease it affects each person differently as well as their own unique personality and personal life story. Treatment and therapy are geared toward the client in order to address all areas in need of treatment.

Individual Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, Life Skills, Relapse Prevention Programs, and Art Therapy are integrated into our Long Term and Short Term residential treatment for our clients while working toward recovery from addiction and dependency to drugs or alcohol.

Our staff consists of Physicians, Licensed Therapists, Drug Counselors and Nutritionists who care about our clients and their successful road to recovery. They realize how hard addiction is on the clients and their loved ones and every effort is made to make this transition as comfortable and successful as possible. We have helped hundreds of men and women recover from addiction and we want to help you too.

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