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About SunStar Cocaine Treatment

Not sure if you're in need of help for cocaine addiction because you think you're in control and can stop anytime you want to? Unfortunately there are a lot of men and woman young and older who feel the same way. Sadly many of them have 'stopped using cocaine' numerous times, only to relapse and then start desperately using again. This vicious cycle can lead to an overdose and possibly death because addicts tend to abuse large doses or combine drugs when they're desperate to relieve their intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

It takes a lot of support and help to overcome cocaine addiction especially for chronic users. Most of the time a chronic cocaine user needs inpatient care in order to fully overcome their addiction and stay clean. Detoxing from a powerful drug like cocaine can be very unpleasant and if the individual is a chronic user, they need medical supervision during this time. Detox should be followed up with intensive addiction counseling and therapy and other forms of treatment so that long term recovery can be achieved.

At SunStar, our treatment program offers individuals addicted to cocaine the chance to stop their vicious cycle of relapse, and begin their long term recovery journey. Our treatment methods for treating cocaine addiction are effective because they're based on the needs of each client and the severity of their addiction. We provide individual treatment from the beginning of our client's recovery journey throughout their residential stay. Our cocaine treatment program not only addresses the addiction, but all areas of our client's life so that any underlying problems won't affect their recovery and lead to a future relapse.

Dual Diagnosis - Mental health disorders and addiction occurring at the same time. Mental health issues are also addressed if they're present such as anxiety disorder, depression or bipolar disorder. Many times people suffering from mental health issues are also addicted to drugs like cocaine and when one illness is addressed and the other isn't, relapse is inevitable. Our clients are fully evaluated and their treatment plan is designed according to their specific needs. We provide the following wide range of programs and services so that our client's specific recovery needs are able to be met so they can remain drug free in the future.

  • Complete Assessments
  • Follow up Evaluations during treatment
  • Medication Assisted Detoxification Program
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Education
  • Individual Treatment Plans
  • Addiction and Relapse Education
  • Behavioral Therapy Sessions
  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Aftercare Counseling
  • Residential Cocaine Treatment Program (short term and long term, based on client's needs)

We can help you or someone you love stop using cocaine and learn how to successfully manage recovery, so you can improve your life and remain drug free. It may seem impossible right now but there is life after addiction, all you have to do is make the call and we'll help you do the rest.

Call us @ (302) 294-0986 or Toll-Free 1-888-565-6401

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