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Westmount Suboxone Treatment Center

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About Westmount Suboxone Treatment Center

When clients enter our outpatient Suboxone treatment center they're in need of support, guidance, knowledge and effective treatment for some form of opiate abuse. Many of our clients are suffering from addiction to heroin, Vicodin, OxyContin, Codeine, morphine or other opiate drugs and are unable to stop on their own. Most people are apprehensive about the detoxification process because of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced.

At Westmount we provide our patients with Suboxone treatment which stops the cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate addiction. Treating opiate addiction with Suboxone gives the individual time to overcome their use of heroin, painkillers or other opiates, prevents relapse, and they can begin to heal. Suboxone alone isn't effective enough treatment to overcome addiction and prevent relapse in the future.

Long term recovery from opiate addiction requires treating more than withdrawal symptoms and cravings a person experiences when they stop using opiates. The psychological side of opiate addiction needs to be addressed as well as destructive behaviors and coping skills for the future. After individual evaluations are done our clients receive one on one counseling and behavior therapy to help them understand their own unique opiate addiction so they can begin to rebuild their lives.

Group support meetings are also held once a week so our clients can connect with others facing the same challenges during their recovery from opiate addiction. Clients receive knowledge, hope and support during group meetings which helps to strengthen their own opiate recovery.

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